UnCon – Sept 8th 2018. Come and play with me!

There’s a new Con in town! UnCon is happening on Sept 8th, 2018 in Peterborough, Ontario. I’ll be there to run some RPGs, and hope you’ll come and play with me.

UnCon wants to create a convention that everyone can feel welcome attending. Their stated policy is:

The community run event, UnConventional Gaming Convention, is a place for all gamers from all walks of life to come and enjoy their hobbies in a harassment-free space. Regardless of an individual’s gender, disability, race, age, physical appearance, religion, sexual orientation, pronoun preference, affiliation, or sex, they are entitled to harassment-free gaming at UnConventional.

I will be running some RPGs (my first time running games at a con), so if you’re looking for games to play, I hope you’ll consider signing up for my table. (I will have candy!) I’ll be running two Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition games, and one game of the new Top Secret: New World Order spy game.

Here are some more details about what you can expect.

10 am: D&D 5e – “The Night Blade” by Mike Shea (aka @slyflourish) – The notorious bandit chieftain of the Night Blades has been released from prison. Rumours mark him as having returned to the hideout from which he and his band once operated, and attacks on caravans have increased around the town of Whitesparrow. Can the adventurers survive the Night Blades attacks, and save the town from their predation?



3 pm: Top Secret: NWO – “Operation: X” by Michael Schmidt (aka @mjsoctober) – Wealthy Scottish lord, Henri MacGuffin, is suspected of passing top secret technology to a shady underworld organization referred to in whispers as 13th Hour. Intel chatter says that Lord MacGuffin is meeting soon to pass along something deadly. Agents of ICON must find out what it is, when and where it’s happening, and foil the exchange without collateral damage.


8 pm: D&D 5e – “The Cult of Dusk” by Mike Shea (aka @slyflourish) – The Cult of Dusk has discovered a long lost library of dangerous magic, and has begun attacking the town of Whitesparrow. If they are not stopped, the knowledge they have uncovered may be used to bring down eternal night across the world, and unleash monsters of shadow.


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